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Faith Christian Church of India was started in August 2017, by our amazing Pastoral Couple, Rev. Dr. Clive Samson and Rev. Sujanna Raj. Both our Pastors were ordained, and have served in the Church of South India (CSI) Diocese for over 15 years. After getting their degrees here in Master of Theological Studies and Doctorate in ministry, they got a call to start a Church for the large Indian community in the St. Louis area, that lacked a Church. They let go of everything and took up the challenge to start the first Indian Church. FCCI was started just like that, one week after the thought  of starting a Church, without any name. Although FCCI was started as a Tamil Church, FCCI had to transform itself into becoming an Indian Church, and was named FCCI by the congregation. FCCI still has a congregation made up of mostly Tamil speaking members, but we have evolved to be able to embrace all of our members. We have members who speak Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, even Uzbek, and more. Over the years, FCCI has been a Church not just for Indians, but for other nationalities as well, such as  Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and etc. FCCI stamped its presence in the St. Louis area, with a unique Christmas Musical Event in 2017, bringing together multiple communities in St. Louis. Since then, there has been no looking back for FCCI.

A little more about us...


FCCI continues to do events to bring together various different communities together. FCCI is an inter-denominational Church, and we are supported by and are part of the the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri as a Mission Church. We also have connections with other denominations and Churches such as United Methodist, United Church of Christ, The Way Church St. Louis, and more. We are also connected with Seminaries and colleges, as we give a lot of importance in the ministry with the students. In fact, the students have been a huge support for FCCI over the years, growing the Church, by promoting and helping us with our weekly Worship services & all our big events. FCCI has continued to grow, and as we enter our 5th year in 2021, FCCI is renewing itself, a refresh, for the future ahead. 









Spiritually Unite and nurture the Individuals and families with Christ filled Worship, Preaching and Fellowship through the word and spirit


Unite in Christ to break all barriers and share the Gospel and Christ love to those are in need


Build and establish the church for all Indian Christians and be a blessings for the nations as Christian missionaries


Be a witness to the world through the spirit and Christ's love

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