Faith Christian Church of India

444 Brightfield Trail, Ballwin, MO 63021





Every Sunday

At 4:00 PM

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FCCI's worship is lead by our amazing praise & worship band, 'The Gosh Band'. Our worship leaders are from different backgrounds and from different age groups. Our worship leaders lead us in English, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi songs, making it a very unique worship experience. The band sings all types of songs, from the old Traditional Hymns to the modern Christian Pop songs. Our kids absolutely love being present for the praise and worship, that a few of them wanted to learn music. The kids are now being taught music, and trained to become worship leaders by our Music Director.

Cavin Clive

Music Director

Varna Jeevarajan

Worship Leader

Our Band

Kiren Matthew


Ronald Joel





The FCCI's Kids Ministry has been a highlight of our church since the start of 2019. It has turned many heads for its activities for kids. Our team has been able to come with many incredible ideas, making it a Sunday School like no other. The kids our taken on a journey through the incredible stories in the Bible, by listening to stories, making beautiful crafts, playing games, and singing songs. A recent exhibition of the crafts done by our kids stunned the church looking at the incredible work done for the past few months. This Kids Ministry makes our church incredibly proud, and we wish your kids could join too!

The Outreach Ministry of FCCI has been so successful since the beginning of our church. Looking to make a difference in the community, our church uses this as an opportunity to help the needy and give back to the community. The Outreach Ministry consists of Homeless Ministry, Prison Ministry, Work with the kids in juvenile, and work with the senior living homes. Our FCCI Homeless Ministry has gained a lot of recognition in Downtown St. Louis, and is one of the main organizations to help the needy around the area. We invite you to join us to make an impact on this world.

'Hannahs' is the ladies prayer group of Faith Christian Church of India. By her broken-hearted intercession with tears, she caused the God of Israel to turn to her in mercy, to birth one of Israels greatest prophets- Samuel, who ministered to mighty kings of that time!
The tears of a woman, shed in the presence of God is never in vain. We the women of FCCI gather together for prayer and intercession, that we may birth God's agenda written in Heaven, on Earth, just as Hannah did!!
We welcome you to join us to!